A short story about Mathias Corvinus Collegium

MATHIAS CORVINUS COLLEGIUM – Leadership programme in Cluj

In 2014, MCC International opened the Cluj Office with the purposeful wish to establish a Leadership Programme to help and serve the local community. Since that MCC organised lectures, seminars, researches, participated in conferences, round table discussions and started to organise local MCC community. The founders and the leaders of MCC believes that Cluj is a place where worth to invest effort to find and improve the outstanding talents, the hopeful leaders of the future.


Our students speak 


Bétti, 1st year Masters student @ FSEGA

 The most valuable thing for me regarding  MCC  is that I had the chance to push myself out of my comfort zone, and let other people help me to get out of it, because I really needed that in order to grow. (and realizing this is also a precious legacy for me:) ). I  had the chance to learn more about myself and now I know which part of me should I focus on if I want to succeed and which part should I train to be better, not just professionally, but personally too. It’s nice to be surrounded by awesome and talented people:)  


Hanna, 2nd year Bachelor @ FSPAC

What I consider most valuable for me in this experience are the people I met and worked with. In only one year with MCC I met so many people with different ideas, dreams and working styles and we only had MCC in common, in the beginning. I learned to consider new points of view, how to work in a group so diverse and how to make myself shine on this journey. And I made great new friends along the way.


Bálint, graduate from Law Faculty within Babes-Bolyai University

I joined MCC to learn presentation skills and I ended up with so much more than that. We had really useful and constructive discussions which resulted in gaining valuable skills for our everyday interactions. From public speaking and leadership trainings, to teamwork, career, negotiation skills and networking, the trainings and interactions with the other MCC members have really given me an advantage. The trainers were top-notch and happy to share their knowledge. All in all I recommend you make time for such a programme.


Mathis Corvinus Collegium – Budapest

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) is a unique community of more than 500 students from almost all the ethnic groups and layers of the Carpathian Basin. This foundation was founded by András Tombor and Balázs Tombor in 1996 with the purpose of adding value to youth generations and through education to create a positive change within the communities these students will become professionals.

College Motto

“Bonus intra, melior exi” is MCC’s official motto, which translates to “come in good, go out better”. This is the guiding philosophy of the Collegium: the best and brightest will have the opportunity to enter our community in order to leave it as cultured and useful citizens.

Survey among university students of Cluj

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Your future/Youth future research is run by Babeş-Bolyai University, Mathias Corvinus Collegium, Quinnipiac University and Share Federation.

Admission to Mathias Corvinus Collegium Cluj.

2o15-fejlec_bal_EN copyLeadership program starting in March 2015 for students in Cluj.

The aim of our training is to help you develop applicable leadership skills with which you can make notable progress in your professional life and to lend you a hand with gaining knowledge that can be successfully implemented in practice in cooperation with internationally recognized lecturers and representatives of multinational companies. We believe that our program and global professional business network would help you achieve personal success, make better decisions in your career and get into leading European universities. The way we see it, leadership is essential for everyone: from artists and political scientists to engineers as well, meaning that students from all kinds of fields of study are welcome and encouraged to apply.

As the first event of this semester we proudly present the series of lectures, presented by Prof. Dr. Malcolm Gillies, who is the retired Rector of London Metropolitan University.

First lecture: Cities, Nations and Super-states: Crises of Authority
27th February 2015, 6 PM (Topaz, room T1,
Str. Septimiu Albini nr. 10)
You can find the Facebook event here. Please do not forget the registration.

Second lecture: seminar on the future of higher education and education management
28th February 2015, 10:00-13:00 (MCC office, 21 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard nr. 60
This event is exclusively for MCC students and applicants.

The lecturers will be a part of the committee during the highly competitive admission process that would take place in the MCC office. The application process consists of a short essay and an oral exam that would cover the essay of the applicant and the lectures of Professor Gillies. For more details please visit our website.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to mcc.cluj@gmail.com.

The application form and the additional documents are available at www.mcccluj.wordpress.com.
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Application deadline:
26th February at midnight

The market value of the training is 1000 RON, but the students only need to pay a 200 RON deposit. The deposit is collected for motivation reasons: if the applicant completes the whole training the 200 RON will be paid back.

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